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CS 2112 - Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures - Honors

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General Information Edit

An intensive honors version of CS 2110.

Prerequisites Edit

Topics Covered Edit

Generally the same as CS 2110, but in significantly greater detail. In summary: you use data structures in CS 2110, you implement them yourself in CS 2112.

Workload Edit

Seven projects, the earlier three of which are individual and the latter four which are paired partner projects that constitute a large "final project." This class requires significantly more work than 2110 and is more comparable to a 3000 level class like 3110 or 3410.

General Advice Edit

You will learn significantly more, and if you're serious about Computer Science, this is a much more worthwhile class to take than the non-honors version. That being said, projects are very long, and many say the class has required 15-35 hours a week of work.

You will not need the book.

2nd prelim and final is open book/note. but it doesn't really help.

6000~10000 lines of code for 4~7th project in total

Testimonials Edit

Past Offerings Edit

Semester Time Professor Median Grade Course Page
Fall 2012 TR 10:10-11:00 AM Andrew Myers A-

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