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General Information Edit

Intermediate website programming class. Spring only

Prerequisites Edit

None, INFO/CS 1300 is highly recommended but not required. Having experience with another programming language (CS 1110/2110) in lieu of 1300 will suffice.

Topics Covered Edit

  • PHP (intro and advanced)
  • mySQL (general and PDO)
  • Data Relationships (one to one, one to many, etc)
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Javascript and jQuery (advanced)

Workload Edit

2015: 3 projects, a final project, and a final exam. Isn't bad as long as you don't fall behind and do projects the day of or day before. Final project involves interacting with a client and creating a website for them, or redoing an existing website.

2011: A few projects, 2 prelims, and a final project. A3 (when I took it SP11) was the most difficult which included coding from scratch a photo gallery. (S12) Final group project requires you to meet with a Cornell club and create a website for them. Not a bad final project but lots of tedious work. Very similar to a real work scenario when designing a website for someone.

Testimonials Edit

Went into this class knowing jack squat about design and web programming and ended up getting A+ in course (Skipped CS 1300, but took CS 2110). Really enjoyed this class and learned a lot about web developing quickly! Covers a variety of topics that are very useful when web developing (except we learned PHP which is.... yeah). Recommend this course if you want to learn how to make yourself a kewl website.

Great course for both intro and intermediate web design. I took INFO 1300 the previous semester, so the web design stuff was fresh in my head; you don't **have** to take 1300 to take this course, but I recommend doing so. Projects aren't that bad; lots of stuff is online and you have Piazza.

Pasts Offerings Edit

Semester Time Professor Median Grade Course Page
Spring 2015 MW 2:30 - 3:20 + Friday Labs Steven Molhke B+ Piazza

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