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General Information Edit

Class on data visualization; main technology used is D3.js. The class is also cross-listed as INFO 3300.

Prerequisites Edit

The pre-requisites include INFO 2300 and INFO 1300, but you don't need them if you have basic knowledge of javascript and web programming. In fact, the current professor (David Mimno) will teach javascript essentially from the ground up in the beginning of the course.

Topics Covered Edit

Workload Edit

Several programming assignments that generally don't take more than a few (3-4) hours. Some of them can be completed in as little as 30 minutes - Spring 2015.

General Advice Edit

Testimonials Edit

Class has very interesting potential, but in lecture he seems to cater towards the lowest common denominator. As such, the lecture can move quite slowly because Prof. Mimno insisted on asking questions to the audience and waiting for responses every time.

Past Offerings Edit

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