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 General Information Edit

Computationally oriented introduction to natural language processing, the goal of which is to enable computers to use human languages as input, output, or both.

Prerequisites Edit

CS 2110

Topics Covered Edit

Language modeling

Word-sense disambiguation

Part-of-speech tagging

Information extraction


Coreference analysis

Workload Edit

3-4 programming assignments, each including a 5-6 page report. 5 critiques (each one page in length) of research papers selected by the professor.

1 in-class peer-graded midterm (fully credited based on participation) and a final.

Uses Piazza heavily.

General Advice Edit

Start projects early. The reports often feel tedious, but if you write them as you do the projects, the reports don't seem as bad.

If you're super stressed around the time of the midterm, you can take it without studying and still get full credit (you receive full credit as long as you attempt to take it and grade someone else's). However, this is the ONLY feedback you will receive all semester that will give you any indication of how you are doing in the class, so if you have time to study for it, I recommend taking the midterm seriously.

Testimonials Edit

Lecture itself was not very interesting, but the class covers good breadth of the material. Lighter in workload compared to other CS project-based classes. One of my biggest complaints is the grading - TAs don't seem to read your 5-6 page reports, the feedback they give on projects is typically not helpful, and the critiques seem to be very subjectively graded. Content-wise, a good introduction to NLP.

Professor Cardie brings her adorable dog, Marseille, to class and she'll do tricks with him to get everyone's attention <3

Past Offerings Edit

Semester Time Professor Median Grade Course Page
Fall 2015 TR 1:25 - 2:40 Claire Cardie B+

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