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General Information Edit

Prerequisites Edit

Knowledge of computer science or quantum physics. Really, all you need is a pretty good math background and you'll be okay. You should know basic linear algebra (i.e. Math 2940, 2210, 2230). Having a foundation in group theory is helpful, but not required, since the professor spends some time reviewing the basics of permutation/symmetry groups.

Topics Covered Edit

-A quick but honest introduction to quantum mechanics for computer scientists and mathematicians, simplified by focus on the specific set of relevant applications (measurement, not dynamics)

-Some simple, if artificial, quantum algorithms that are surprisingly more efficient than their classical counterparts

-Shor's super-efficient period finding (factoring) algorithm and its threat to cryptographic security

-Grover's efficient search algorithm

-The miracle of quantum error correction

-Quantum "weirdness": applications of Bell's theorem

-Other forms of quantum information processing and conundra: quantum cryptography; superdense coding; teleportation

Workload Edit

Not much. 6 Problem sets, no exams. One final "paper" that is just a 1-2 page summary of any recently published journal article.

(Spring 2014) Quite high, especially for a 3-credit class. Yes, there are only 6 problem sets, and they aren't too difficult per se, but they are extremely long and time-consuming.

General Advice Edit

Recommended - a very interesting and low maintenance class.

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