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Prerequisites Edit

MATH 2210-MATH 2220, MATH 2230-MATH 2240, or MATH 1920 and MATH 2940; CS 2800 (or MATH 3320, MATH 3360, MATH 4320, or MATH 4340); and some additional course in mathematics or theoretical computer science.

Course Description Edit

Propositional and predicate logic, compactness and completeness using tableaux, natural deduction, and/or resolution. Other topics chosen from the following: Equational logic. Herbrand Universes and unification. Rewrite rules and equational logic, Knuth-Bendix method, and the congruence-closure algorithm and lambda-calculus reduction strategies. Modal logics, intuitionistic logic, Prolog, LISP, ML, or Nuprl. Applications to expert systems and program verification. Noncomputability (Turing) and incompleteness (Gödel).

When Offered Edit


Forbidden Overlap Edit

Forbidden Overlap: Students may not receive credit for both MATH 4810 and MATH 4860.

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