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General Information Edit

Like CS 4110, but on steroids. Much more mathematical in nature.

Prerequisites Edit

You probably want to know CS 3110 and like CS 4110

Topics Covered Edit

  • Inductive proof
  • Operational semantics
  • Language features and translation
  • Axiomatic semantics
  • Denotational semantics
  • Type systems

Workload Edit

(Spring 2011) Not too bad. Six homeworks, a prelim (with in-class and take-home portions), and a final. Homework can be done in groups.

General Advice Edit

Testimonials Edit

I took CS 3110 and CS 6110. I feel like this course was "too much information," and I would have been happy with just CS 4110 instead, since some of the proofs were tedious and some of the topics went a bit over my head.

This class was easy but boring.

Past Offerings Edit

Semester Time Professor Median Grade Course Page
Spring 2011 Nate Foster

Resources Edit

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